DIY leather tassel

I thought I’d share with you my DIY leather tassel project I did last weekend. I think it was a late night buy this little clutch and not being 100% I accidentally bought a fake YSL. I’m one of those people who hates wearing fakes, I’m all in for participating in a trend, but when it comes to using the symbol of a designer, I’m against it. So, instead of sending it all the way back to the shop, I decided to add a tassel to spice it up.

diy tassel embellishment clutch

There you go. It took me 10 minutes. I bought the leather cut off (or should I say suede) for 1 euro at the back of a fabric shop. So it was an extremely cheap little DIY. If you’re interested, click here for more tassel ideas. I also did DIY tassel necklace post made with embroidery thread here.

Hope you enjoyed it, as always your comments are welcomed.

Take care and have a great week,

  • Melissa

    Not a fan of wearing fakes either (even if other people can’t tell – it eats away at my conscience)! Much rather save up for the real thing.
    But I love the way you’ve re-cycled the bag :) Super creative I love it.

  • Silvia C

    I love the retro feel of the picture!

  • Silvia C

    I meant the pics with you by the seine :) I got confused by the layout